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  • Spiders
    SpiderVista - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • Australian Spiders
    Large, Hairy and Scary - Australian Spiders are often quite big and frightening, but not all Aussie spiders are dangerous.

    • Redback Spider
      Adorned Bandit - The Australian Redback Spider is easily recognised by its red marking found on its abdomen.

    • Jumping Spider
      All Eyes Are On You - The Jumping Spider can see you from every direction, as it has 360 degree vision.

    • Bird-Dung Spider
      Looks Like S@#% - The unfortunate Bird-Dung Spider looks like bird droppings. This deliberate camouflage protects it from unwanted predators.

    • Garden Spider
      Hanging By a Thread - You normally never see the garden spider coming, often walking into their large web at night.

    • Daddy Long-Legs
      All in a Spin - If disturbed the Daddy Long-legs will send itself into a spin, confusing potential predators.

    • Christmas Spider
      Armoured For The Festive Season - The Australian Christmas Spider is also known as the Spiny or Jewel Spider and is often found in the bushland near creeks.

  • Spider Vista References
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